Submit Your Failure Story

This is an invitation to confess by identifying and articulating developmental impact stories from the lens of failure. Dig deep into the apparent and not-so-apparent failures within successful interventions and successes within failed interventions.

  • Talk about your own (individual/organisational) failures. This exercise is to identify how one has failed with out assigning blame to a third party.
  • The three main failures that we are trying to identify are :
    • Operational failures: Lack or inadequacy of human, time, financial or other resources
    • Process failures: Breakdown of smaller internal processes within a program
    • Model or Strategic failures: Inadequate understanding of the nature complexity of the problem
  • Begin with articulating the failure and then tracing it back. Asking yourself “why did this happen” at every stage.
  • Lets focus on accepting failure. Thereby we look at what happened, how it happened, and how the individual/organisation contributed or responded to it.
  • There are no right or wrong answers.